Dr. Nassif's range will bring
our skin from Winter into Spring.
Creams and serums, souffles too,
have made our skin care dreams come true.

You know that there has never been
a serum great as Hydro Screen.
Replenished deep, our skins repair,
protected from the harshest air.

His Detox Pads give whole new meaning
to the art of gentle cleaning.
Exfoliation is achieved,
with antioxidants, we're relieved.

And don't forget to shout "Hooray"
for his most superb souffle.
It is a cause for celebration
achieving such intense hydration.

Of course, there are so many more!
I think his fans all know the score.
If top rate skin care is your thing,
then Dr. Nassif is your King!

Love from Kathryn Rae.