NassifMD® Radiance Rewards

Welcome to NassifMD® Radiance Rewards.
The Rewards Program that lets you turn your purchases into Skin Perfecting Points that earn you discounts on future purchases!

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Ways to Earn Skin Perfecting Points

Signing up for a NassifMD® Skincare account: 200 points* 
If you already have a NassifMD® Skincare account, you have automatically been enrolled our Radiance Rewards Program, and have 300 Skin Perfecting Points in your account! Earn more Points by following the steps below. 
Placing an order: 1 Point for every $1 spent
Liking Dr. Nassif's Skincare Page on Facebook: 75 points 
Follow Dr. Nassif's Skincare Page on Instagram: 75 points
Celebrate a Birthday: 200 points
Please note that we can not  pro-rate Points for birthdays or social media.

Redeeming Skin Perfecting Points

20 Skin Perfecting Points = $1 discount
There are "Quick Buy" discounts where you can quickly redeem points in exchange for discounts.
These tiers are:
$5 off in exchange for 100 Skin Perfecting Points
$10 off in exchange for 200 Skin Perfecting Points
$15 off in exchange for 300 Skin Perfecting Points
$20 off in exchange for 400 Skin Perfecting Points
You also have the option to enter a custom amount of points to exchange for a scalable discount.  
Minimum redemption is 100 points and increases in multiples of 20 points.
For example: Exchange 180 points for $9 off
For example: Exchange 520 points for $26 off

Refer a Friend  

You can also refer a friend, and they will get a promo code for $10 off their order over $30. Once they place an order using that code you will receive your own $10 off promo code.


Please note:  Skin Perfecting Points cannot be earned nor spent on purchases made from other retailers like HSN, QVC, etc. and can be used solely on purchases on on one-time purchases.  Not applicable on subscription orders.  

For Rewards Program Terms & Conditions, click here.