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Crepe Inhibitor Triple Action Body Butter
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Skin peeling on the hands can be caused by various factors, including dry weather, frequent hand washing, or skin conditions like eczema. It's important to use a moisturizing hand cream regularly and protect your hands from harsh environmental elements.

Persistent dryness despite regular moisturization can be due to the type of moisturizer used, insufficient application, or external factors like cold weather and dry air. Consider using a more intensive hand cream and applying it immediately after washing your hands to lock in moisture. 

It is not recommended to use hand cream on your face as it is formulated specifically for the thicker skin on your hands and might be too heavy or irritating for the more delicate facial skin.

Yes, hand cream does expire. The expiry date is usually printed on the packaging. Using expired hand cream might not be as effective and can sometimes cause skin irritation. Always check the expiry date to ensure the product's effectiveness and safety.