The Triple Header: Body Oil Vs. Body Lotion Vs. Body Butter

When writing about skincare topics, we often focus on the face because the face faces the most exposure the environment and the signs of aging are visible. However, many skin issues, including dryness, that affect the skin on the face also affect the entire body. Most of us could benefit from more moisture in our skin all over, not just on the face.

Today’s article will dive into total body moisturizing. Learn about body lotion, body oil, and body butter and how to include them in your skincare routine. Plus, we’ll dive into the best skincare products for your goals. Keep reading to learn more on these topics:

  • Body oil vs. lotion
  • How to layer body oil and lotion
  • What is body butter? And Body butter vs. lotion
  • NassifMD® solutions – The best skin hydration products

Body Oil Vs. Lotion

Many of us experience dry skin, especially in the winter months and increasingly with age. When thinking about how to hydrate the skin, body oils and lotions are excellent moisturizers.

Hydrating skin products contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid which help pull water into the skin. (Read more about hyaluronic acid benefits here.) These are different from moisturizing products, like lotions and oils, which create a barrier over the skin to lock in moisture.

Oils and lotions contain emollients, lipids derived from fats and oils, that soften the skin and treat dry, flaky, or cracked areas.

Both Replenish and Hydrate Skin

A lotion or oil is a good moisturizer for dry skin. Let’s look at the differences.

Body Oil is Thicker and Traps Moisture

Body oils are thicker than lotions and contain only oils or primarily oils. The oil is an emollient moisturizer that is also occlusive, meaning it creates a thin oily film on the skin’s surface that seals in water to support better skin hydration.

The best body oil is likely the one that feels the best with your skin type. Since oils can be heavier, you may gravitate toward them in the colder, dryer months or as part of your after-shower skincare routine. Body oils also work well for massage.

Body Lotion is Lighter and Promotes Moisture

Body lotions are lighter than oils and contain a combination of oil-based and water-based ingredients blended with a natural emulsifier. You might also see tocopherol (vitamin E) as a natural antioxidant preservative.

With a lotion, you’ll get the benefits of the emollients without any greasy residue. Choose a body lotion for dry skin or the best body lotion for your skin type. Even oily skin benefits from using lotion as a moisturizer.

Can You Use Body Oil and Body Lotion Together?

Use Body oil and body lotion individually or together. You might add oil for extra moisturizing power in the winter months or choose a lighter lotion in the summer months when humidity is high.

Experiment to find what works for your skin type throughout the year.

How to Layer Body Oil and Lotion

Adding body oil and lotion to your natural skincare routine is easy with these skincare routine steps.

  1. After a shower or bath, gently pat dry the skin.
  2. Use a small amount of body oil, rubbing it into the skin all over the body or spot-treating dry areas.
  3. Seal in the oil with body lotion. Allow the products to penetrate the skin before getting dressed.

What is Body Butter?

Body butter is a very thick textured lotion, between lotion and pure oil. It contains emollient oils, natural emulsifiers, and active ingredients to nourish and moisturize the skin.

Thick and Creamy Skin Moisturizer

Body butter is deeply moisturizing and supports repairing dry, damaged skin. It’s an excellent choice for dry skin, dry skin in the winter, or problematic areas like elbows, knees, and heels.

Considerations for Your Daily Skincare Routine

What is a good skincare routine? Everyone’s skincare routine will differ based on their skin type, time commitment, budget, and whether they desire a simple skincare routine or a more complex one. In addition, your facial skincare routine will likely look different than the routine for your body.

So, there isn’t a best skincare routine other than the one that works for you!

When incorporating body lotions, oils, and butters, here are some considerations:

  • Use body lotions, oils, and butters as often as needed. Emphasize on using these products as your after-shower moisturizer.
  • Always moisturize your body after exfoliation. (Add link to week 1 article on exfoliation)

Skincare Products for Maximum Moisture

There isn’t a right choice when choosing a body lotion, oil, or butter; you can use more than one product if desired. Next, let’s look at some of the most innovative and effective body moisturizing products from NassifMD®.

Crepe Inhibitor Triple Action Body Butter

NassifMD® Crepe Inhibitor Triple Action Body Butter is the best dry skin moisturizer and specifically addresses crepey skin to smooth, rehydrate, and repair the skin. This body butter firms and tightens the skin, improves elasticity, and supports healthy circulation. It features shea butter as the primary emollient and a synergy of active ingredients to revitalize aging skin. Use twice per day or as needed.

Hydro-Screen Soufflé

NassifMD® Hydro-Screen Soufflé is the newest hydro-screen hydrating skincare product from Dr. Nassif. It’s a lightweight moisturizer whipped into a soufflé for your face and body. It contains hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and antioxidants to boost collagen, diminish fine lines, and improve skin firmness, texture, and tone. It’s hydration and moisturizing in one!

Hydro-Screen Cream to Oil (New!)

We are excited to announce NassifMD® Hydro-Screen Cream-to-Oil Body Moisturizer, available soon! This lightweight moisturizer brings the benefits of body oil without the mess. It starts as a cream and turns to a thin oil on the skin. It contains natural emulsifiers from sunflower and jojoba oils, hyaluronic acid, and retinol for softer, smoother, firmer, hydrated, and moisturized skin.

In two studies looking at NassifMD® Hydro-Screen Cream-to-Oil Body Moisturizer, 97% to 100% of women saw improvements in skin moisture in just 4 weeks!

In the first study of 29 women who used the product daily for 4 weeks, 97% saw improved skin moisture after only one use, and 100% had improved moisture after 4 weeks.

The second study also showed compelling results, with participants reporting:

  • Skin is visibly moisturized and the product is easy to use (100%)
  • Immediate skin hydration (97%)
  • Fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable, and plumper skin (93%)
  • Quick, visible results (90%)

Try it after a shower for the best results. A little goes a long way!


Body lotions, oils, and butters use emollients as an effective means to improve skin moisture. Find what works for you and consider choosing highly effective, innovative products from NassifMD® as you explore. Get ready to say goodbye to dry skin once and for all!



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