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Welcome to my website, I am Dr. Paul Nassif, and I am both humbled and happy you chose to stop by.

Before I share a bit about myself, I wanted to take the liberty of assuring you, you’re in a great place, here with me, when it comes to general skin health and wellness. If you’re currently looking to graduate to higher-grade skincare products and regimens, or simply browsing for inspiration on how to best begin your new skincare journey, know that my products offer solutions you not only will love, but can trust for lifelong skin protection and rejuvenation.

I am passionate about all skincare, and excited to introduce myself and my skincare line to you! 

Dr. Paul Nassif

First, you should know that I am a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who sees firsthand the effects that environmental aggressors have on the skin. Before any facial surgery, my patients are required to engage in an exfoliation and hydration regimen for 4-6 weeks prior to help repair their skin and restore elasticity. Now, I bet you’re thinking the seemingly obvious, which is that dry, dehydrated skin isn’t easy to work with—you’re correct! Skin hydration is critical during facial surgery, but even more than that, it is critical for the lifelong day-to-day safeguard of our body’s largest organ, our skin!

I want everyone to enjoy healthy, radiant skin at any age, which is why I developed NassifMD® My skincare line is formulated to enhance, repair, rejuvenate and protect your skin’s health, at any age, inside and out. When I say any age, I mean it! From my teenage boys, to my wife, and even myself, I am proud to say I’ve created and curated a line of products that really do deliver best-in-class skincare solutions for all ages!

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Trusted with Faces Worldwide®, all my products are Cruelty Free/Leaping Bunny Certified, made in the USA, free of phthalates, lanolin, formaldehyde and parabens, and are Vegan and Gluten-Free.

Well, enough about me, (though if you wanted to, you could learn even more about me here!). Let’s get back to you!

If you’re seeking anti-aging and rejuvenating skincare solutions, please consider my line. I am a world-renowned Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with my medical practice in Beverly Hills CA, and Medical Apas in the USA and the United Kingdom, and I am one of the Star of E!’s hit show, Botched. I share this to let you know two things—the first being that my professional portfolio and medical tenure know no limits to the joys I feel when I am able to transform someone physically. Intrinsically, I recognize the great responsibility and privilege of my practice. The second, with any physical transformation, I am eternally grateful to be a part of something even bigger—someone’s emotional transformation to confidently exude newfound happiness and satisfaction in their own skin.

So there you have it—please consider us formally introduced! With the Nassif name integrated in to my line, NassifMD®, it seemed only fair we “meet” before you (hopefully) decide to shop my skincare.

Do you love skincare? Are you considering trying something new? Share your skincare journey with me on social media! You can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Stay well!
Dr. Paul Nassif


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