Summer Skincare Essentials: Travel-Size & SPF

Monday is here, and personally, I love the start of a new week. The “hustle and bustle” of a new week ahead fills me with content. Fortunately, I am busy, yes, but my schedule looks very different than it used to several months ago (as most people would say these days). I have been tasking myself to think of new ways to responsibly create happiness. In my opinion, shying away from the realities of the world today, particularly regarding the challenges we’re all facing due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, will not do any good. I know how conflicting it feels to try any celebrate anything during these trying times, trust me, I recently had a birthday and my wife is pregnant with our baby girl! However, myself, my family and even my team are trying our best to sensibly bring on the summertime smiles. And in the spirit of staying positive, today’s blog post is one way I can do my part to help everyone practice safe fun-in-the-sun, whether you’re at home or on-the-go!

Depending on where you live, small gatherings may be permitted, and if so, I have the perfect skincare protection for your pocket or overnight bag! All of our BEST-SELLING, top-rated products and formulations have been perfectly prepared in petite sizes! Check them out, prices start at only $16!

Pure Hydration Facial Cleanser
Antioxidant Rich Infused with Matcha Tea
2oz | $16

Overnight Leave-On Rejuvenating Masque
Hydrates, Brightens, Evens Skin Tone & Illuminates
1oz | $20

3HA Instant Hydrating Facial Mist
3 Types of Hyaluronic Acids, Immediate Hydration
2oz | $25

Complexion Perfecting Detoxification Pads
AHA/BHA's Exfoliate, Even Skin Tone, Reduce Pores, Smooth & Protect
30ct | $25

Hydro-Screen - Hydration Serum
Micro-Spheres of Hyaluronic Acid & Ceramides, Repairs and Protects Skin
1oz | $40

Out and about or not, one thing we all can agree on is the danger and risk of damage prolonged sun exposure can cause to our skin is serious. Skincare products that offer SPF are highly recommended for year-round protection, but particularly speaking for the summer months, I strongly urge everyone to incorporate SPF in to their skincare and beauty routines. Check out our products that offer SPF!

Defend and Soothe Daily Antioxidant Sunscreen SPF46
2oz | $39

A universally tinted, light weight and oil-free SPF 46, contains an innovative blend of skin soothing and restoring properties.

Protect & Hydrate Daily Mineral Sunscreen SPF 44
2.1oz | $39

A water resistant, physical sunscreen that features a moisturizing base with a sheer, universal tint beneficial for most skin types.

Remember safety first, this summer! Did you know right now, all orders on my website include one complimentary hand sanitizer? Of course, this offer is only valid while supplies last, but even after our offer ends, you can shop hand sanitizer AND face masks on my website! This is something I am very proud to be able to offer, as I knew I had a responsibility to help protect our valuable, beloved shoppers. On behalf of myself and my team, let me say it is our privilege to have been able to pivot our business operations in order to support your well-being.

Hand Sanitizer 2oz Spray
80% Alcohol, Made in USA
A single bottle is only $4, and a three-pack is only $10!

Washable, Reusable Cotton Face Mask
Made in USA (non-medical grade)
A single mask is only $6, and a three-pack is only $15!

What are the summer months like where you live? How have you been having fun in the sun? Are you considering trying something new to beat the heat on your skin this year? Share your skincare journey with me on social media! You can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Here I am on my 58th birthday!

Dr. Nassif Birthday

Here’s my beautiful, glowing wife, Brittany, bumpin’ along, pregnant with our baby girl!

Dr. Nassif Growing Family Pic1Dr. Nassif Growing Family Pic2

Here I am wearing my mask to protect myself and others!

Dr. Nassif Mask

Don’t forget to read up on the rules and regulations before heading out, and practice social distancing! Stay safe, everyone!

Stay well!
Dr. Paul Nassif


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