Monday Night Face Masking

It’s the start of a new week, and one thing we love is a great face mask treatment! Our Overnight Illuminating Masque with Elasta Derm C will transport your skin to indulgence while you sleep.

The multi-tasking spa beauty treatment you’ve been searching for is right here, and the best part? It works while you sleep—skincare scouts honor! Our Overnight Illuminating Masque with Elasta Derm C is a whole new twist on “Sleeping Beauty”.

Simply apply before bed as the last step in your beauty regimen and wake up in the morning with skin that looks refreshed, soft, smooth and illuminated! Our Overnight Illuminating Masque with Elasta Derm C will help to optimize hydration, brighten the appearance of uneven skin tone and help skin look smoother and firmer.

Overnight Illuminating Masque Key Ingredients

  • Azelaic Acid
  • Elasta derm C Complex
  • Hyaluronic Acid,
  • Lactic Acid
  • Synovea HR
  • Vitamin E

After cleansing, apply a desired amount to your face and neck and leave on overnight. That’s it! You can use our Overnight Illuminating Masque 2-3 times a week, and/or apply as needed for a 10 minute "pick me up energy masque"! Once you’ve applied our Overnight Illuminating Masque, here’s how our formula gets to work:

  • Elasta-derm C Complex normalizes your circadian rhythm, minimize wrinkles, lighten skin, and fight free radicals.
  • Azelaic Acid helps to control sebum, and reduces the look of blemishes and helps to even skin tone.
  • Hexylresorinol is an ingredient clinically proven to minimize hyperpigmentation, dark spots and melasma over time.
  • Hyaluronic Acid will optimize hydration.

Overall, you can expect to see a brightened appearance of your skin tone and skin that looks smoother and firmer.

Expert tip: The Overnight Illuminating Masque is perfect for makeup application preparation.

Discover our 5-star customer TOP-RATED Overnight Illuminating Masque with Elasta Derm C today! We offer our standard 4oz. size for $50, as well as a 1oz. size for $20 (perfect for traveling and on-the-go hydration) on our site!

Masque 4oz

Masque 1oz

Customer top-rated Overnight Illuminating Masque with Elasta Derm C is easy to apply! We offer two convenient sizes to shop on our site!

You can shop all of our face masks here. If you need assistance, please click here.


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