Manic Monday? Try Our Pure Hydration Rejuvenating Night Cream Before Bedtime!

Not all night creams were created equally! Our Pure Hydration Rejuvenating Night Cream utilizes an innovative ingredient complex for hydration along with antioxidants and a stable Vitamin C to provide skin with the vital hydration it needs at night. This will allow your skin to appear smoother, while fine lines and wrinkles temporarily appear less noticeable. Your skin tone will appear brighter and more even-looking and overall, you’ll achieve a more youthful looking complexion.

Hydration Rejuvenating Night Cream Jar

To better understand how our Pure Hydration Rejuvenating Night Cream provides key health benefits for your skin, we’re breaking down the ingredients and benefits—along with what skin concerns they target.

Key Ingredients & Benefits:

  • An innovative hydrating ingredient, H2OBioEV®, (Galactoarabinan) helps replenish essential humectants while also creating a thin surface barrier to help retain moisture on the skin.
  • A unique form of Vitamin C, BV-OSC®, helps brighten and even out skin tone, helps support skin’s own natural collagen, and provides antioxidants which may help fight free radical aggressors.
  • ViaPure® Poria from the mushroom family, helps soothe while providing further antioxidants which may help fight free radical aggressors.
  • Provides vital hydration to skin at night when it needs it most, helping it look smoother, feel softer, and provide an overall younger looking complexion.
  • Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brightens and evens skin tone, and helps soother and calm skin with antioxidants.

Hydration Rejuvenating Night Cream before and after

Use Pure Hydration Rejuvenating Night Cream nightly after cleansing with Pure Hydration Gentle Cleanser and/or our Detox Pads (or a cleanser of your choice). Then, apply Pure Hydration Rejuvenating Night Cream over your favorite serum, or over our Nightly Restorative Antioxidant Serum.

If desired, Use Hydro-Screen™ Hydration Serum after Pure Hydration Rejuvenating Night Cream to seal in those benefits and further enhance your skin’s hydration and moisture.

Pure Hydration Rejuvenating Night Cream to Hydrate, Improve Skin Tone, Boost Collagen & Fight Free Radicals

1.7oz | $75.00

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